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African Overland Tours are for those wanting to experience the beauty and vibrancy of Africa. These multi-country tours are the ideal way to explore the numerous attractions and highlights of Africa. Popular routes include the Cape Town to Victoria Falls tour and the South Africa to Kenya tour. These overland safaris are offered in both directions. We have tours to cater for all tastes – whether it is a budget camping tour or a comfortable accommodated tour. These tours are for those wanting the full African experience – wildlife safaris, cultural encounters, amazing scenery and so much more.  

Selection of tours and safaris

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From ZAR 16100.00AUD 1,622.98CAD 1,460.98EURO 1,004.99GBP 855.02USD 1,119.61
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From ZAR 16950.00AUD 1,708.67CAD 1,538.11EURO 1,058.05GBP 900.16USD 1,178.72
From ZAR 22950.00AUD 2,313.51CAD 2,082.58EURO 1,432.58GBP 1,218.80USD 1,595.97
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From ZAR 24000.00AUD 2,419.35CAD 2,177.86EURO 1,498.13GBP 1,274.56USD 1,668.98
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From ZAR 30750.00AUD 3,099.80CAD 2,790.38EURO 1,919.48GBP 1,633.03USD 2,138.39
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From ZAR 48950.00AUD 4,934.48CAD 4,441.92EURO 3,055.56GBP 2,599.58USD 3,404.03
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From ZAR 24200.00AUD 2,439.52CAD 2,196.01EURO 1,510.61GBP 1,285.18USD 1,682.89
From EURO 2595.00AUD 4,233.28CAD 3,760.87GBP 2,312.83USD 2,820.65ZAR 43,250.00
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From ZAR 34110.00AUD 3,438.51CAD 3,095.28EURO 2,129.21GBP 1,811.47USD 2,372.04
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From ZAR 39060.00AUD 3,937.50CAD 3,544.46EURO 2,438.20GBP 2,074.35USD 2,716.27
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From ZAR 45810.00AUD 4,617.94CAD 4,156.99EURO 2,859.55GBP 2,432.82USD 3,185.67
From ZAR 92250.00AUD 9,299.40CAD 8,371.14EURO 5,758.43GBP 4,899.10USD 6,415.16

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