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Kruger Park / Victoria Falls

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From ZAR 15335.00AUD 1,531.97CAD 1,381.53EURO 943.69GBP 795.80USD 1,047.47
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From ZAR 40835.00AUD 4,079.42CAD 3,678.83EURO 2,512.92GBP 2,119.10USD 2,789.28
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From ZAR 56530.00AUD 5,647.35CAD 5,092.79EURO 3,478.77GBP 2,933.58USD 3,861.34
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From ZAR 48755.00AUD 4,870.63CAD 4,392.34EURO 3,000.31GBP 2,530.10USD 3,330.26
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From ZAR 32400.00AUD 3,236.76CAD 2,918.92EURO 1,993.85GBP 1,681.37USD 2,213.11
From ZAR 48430.00AUD 4,838.16CAD 4,363.06EURO 2,980.31GBP 2,513.23USD 3,308.06
From ZAR 71330.00AUD 7,125.87CAD 6,426.13EURO 4,389.54GBP 3,701.61USD 4,872.27
From ZAR 78430.00AUD 7,835.16CAD 7,065.77EURO 4,826.46GBP 4,070.06USD 5,357.24

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