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From ZAR 12250.00AUD 1,106.59CAD 1,023.39EURO 710.14GBP 601.08USD 828.82
From ZAR 12395.00AUD 1,119.69CAD 1,035.51EURO 718.55GBP 608.19USD 838.63
From ZAR 13500.00AUD 1,219.51CAD 1,127.82EURO 782.61GBP 662.41USD 913.40
From ZAR 13995.00AUD 1,264.23CAD 1,169.17EURO 811.30GBP 686.70USD 946.89
On sale
From ZAR 15000.00AUD 1,355.01CAD 1,253.13EURO 869.57GBP 736.02USD 1,014.88
From ZAR 18390.00AUD 1,661.25CAD 1,536.34EURO 1,066.09GBP 902.36USD 1,244.25
From ZAR 19800.00AUD 1,788.62CAD 1,654.14EURO 1,147.83GBP 971.54USD 1,339.65
From ZAR 21095.00AUD 1,905.60CAD 1,762.32EURO 1,222.90GBP 1,035.08USD 1,427.27
From ZAR 22750.00AUD 2,055.10CAD 1,900.58EURO 1,318.84GBP 1,116.29USD 1,539.24

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