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From ZAR 7995.00AUD 722.22CAD 667.92EURO 463.48GBP 392.30USD 540.93
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From ZAR 9850.00AUD 889.79CAD 822.89EURO 571.01GBP 483.32USD 666.44
From ZAR 12795.00AUD 1,155.83CAD 1,068.92EURO 741.74GBP 627.82USD 865.70
From ZAR 15600.00AUD 1,409.21CAD 1,303.26EURO 904.35GBP 765.46USD 1,055.48
From ZAR 17700.00AUD 1,598.92CAD 1,478.70EURO 1,026.09GBP 868.50USD 1,197.56
From ZAR 18995.00AUD 1,715.90CAD 1,586.88EURO 1,101.16GBP 932.04USD 1,285.18
From ZAR 25800.00AUD 2,330.62CAD 2,155.39EURO 1,495.65GBP 1,265.95USD 1,745.60
From ZAR 18390.00AUD 1,661.25CAD 1,536.34EURO 1,066.09GBP 902.36USD 1,244.25
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From ZAR 13865.00AUD 1,252.48CAD 1,158.31EURO 803.77GBP 680.32USD 938.09
From ZAR 23500.00AUD 2,122.85CAD 1,963.24EURO 1,362.32GBP 1,153.09USD 1,589.99
From ZAR 35850.00AUD 3,238.48CAD 2,994.99EURO 2,078.26GBP 1,759.08USD 2,425.58
From ZAR 112300.00AUD 10,144.53CAD 9,381.79EURO 6,510.14GBP 5,510.30USD 7,598.11


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The Gateway to Africa ~ looking for an adventure. We  provided vehicles, guides, information and a range of different tours into the African Mainland.