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From ZAR 9895.00AUD 776.08CAD 701.77EURO 478.25GBP 450.39USD 524.93
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From ZAR 9700.00AUD 760.78CAD 687.94EURO 468.83GBP 441.51USD 514.59
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From ZAR 18035.00AUD 1,414.51CAD 1,279.08EURO 871.68GBP 820.89USD 956.76
From ZAR 18500.00AUD 1,450.98CAD 1,312.06EURO 894.15GBP 842.06USD 981.43
From ZAR 19680.00AUD 1,543.53CAD 1,395.74EURO 951.18GBP 895.77USD 1,044.03
From ZAR 17705.00AUD 1,388.63CAD 1,255.67EURO 855.73GBP 805.87USD 939.26
From ZAR 26505.00AUD 2,078.82CAD 1,879.79EURO 1,281.05GBP 1,206.42USD 1,406.10
From ZAR 25925.00AUD 2,033.33CAD 1,838.65EURO 1,253.02GBP 1,180.02USD 1,375.33
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From ZAR 29500.00AUD 2,313.73CAD 2,092.20EURO 1,425.81GBP 1,342.74USD 1,564.99
From ZAR 34400.00AUD 2,698.04CAD 2,439.72EURO 1,662.64GBP 1,565.77USD 1,824.93
From ZAR 145400.00AUD 11,403.92CAD 10,312.06EURO 7,027.55GBP 6,618.12USD 7,713.53


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The Gateway to Africa ~ looking for an adventure. We  provided vehicles, guides, information and a range of different tours into the African Mainland.