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A selection of multi-country tours taking in the Best of Southern Africa - wildlife, scenery and culture.

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From ZAR 41710.00AUD 4,078.82CAD 4,097.25EURO 2,940.53GBP 2,497.60USD 3,129.03
From ZAR 12950.00AUD 1,266.38CAD 1,272.10EURO 912.97GBP 775.45USD 971.49
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From ZAR 13950.00AUD 1,364.17CAD 1,370.33EURO 983.47GBP 835.33USD 1,046.51
From ZAR 14950.00AUD 1,461.96CAD 1,468.57EURO 1,053.97GBP 895.21USD 1,121.53
From ZAR 16850.00AUD 1,647.76CAD 1,655.21EURO 1,187.92GBP 1,008.98USD 1,264.07
From EURO 1845.00AUD 2,558.95CAD 2,562.50GBP 1,568.88USD 1,962.77ZAR 26,357.14
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From ZAR 13350.00AUD 1,305.50CAD 1,311.39EURO 941.17GBP 799.40USD 1,001.50
From ZAR 15755.00AUD 1,540.68CAD 1,547.64EURO 1,110.72GBP 943.41USD 1,181.92
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From ZAR 26750.00AUD 2,615.88CAD 2,627.70EURO 1,885.86GBP 1,601.80USD 2,006.75
From ZAR 29190.00AUD 2,854.49CAD 2,867.39EURO 2,057.88GBP 1,747.90USD 2,189.80
From ZAR 16450.00AUD 1,608.64CAD 1,615.91EURO 1,159.72GBP 985.03USD 1,234.06
From ZAR 13185.00AUD 1,289.36CAD 1,295.19EURO 929.54GBP 789.52USD 989.12