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A selection of multi-country tours taking in the Best of Southern Africa - wildlife, scenery and culture.

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From ZAR 14320.00AUD 1,390.29CAD 1,388.94EURO 954.67GBP 832.56USD 1,076.69
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From ZAR 17750.00AUD 1,723.30CAD 1,721.63EURO 1,183.33GBP 1,031.98USD 1,334.59
From ZAR 16850.00AUD 1,635.92CAD 1,634.34EURO 1,123.33GBP 979.65USD 1,266.92
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From ZAR 16750.00AUD 1,626.21CAD 1,624.64EURO 1,116.67GBP 973.84USD 1,259.40
From ZAR 9950.00AUD 966.02CAD 965.08EURO 663.33GBP 578.49USD 748.12
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From ZAR 41900.00AUD 4,067.96CAD 4,064.02EURO 2,793.33GBP 2,436.05USD 3,150.38
From EURO 1595.00AUD 2,327.45CAD 2,311.59GBP 1,386.96USD 1,792.13ZAR 23,805.97
From EURO 1695.00AUD 2,473.37CAD 2,456.52GBP 1,473.91USD 1,904.49ZAR 25,298.51
From ZAR 13400.00AUD 1,300.97CAD 1,299.71EURO 893.33GBP 779.07USD 1,007.52
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From ZAR 17300.00AUD 1,679.61CAD 1,677.98EURO 1,153.33GBP 1,005.81USD 1,300.75
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From ZAR 26510.00AUD 2,573.79CAD 2,571.29EURO 1,767.33GBP 1,541.28USD 1,993.23
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From ZAR 12950.00AUD 1,257.28CAD 1,256.06EURO 863.33GBP 752.91USD 973.68