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Southern Africa

A selection of multi-country tours taking in the Best of Southern Africa - wildlife, scenery and culture.

Selection of tours and safaris

From ZAR 17005.00AUD 1,536.13CAD 1,420.63EURO 985.80GBP 834.40USD 1,150.54
From ZAR 25650.00AUD 2,317.07CAD 2,142.86EURO 1,486.96GBP 1,258.59USD 1,735.45
From ZAR 21360.00AUD 1,929.54CAD 1,784.46EURO 1,238.26GBP 1,048.09USD 1,445.20
From ZAR 28000.00AUD 2,529.36CAD 2,339.18EURO 1,623.19GBP 1,373.90USD 1,894.45
From ZAR 17995.00AUD 1,625.56CAD 1,503.34EURO 1,043.19GBP 882.97USD 1,217.52
From ZAR 20485.00AUD 1,850.50CAD 1,711.36EURO 1,187.54GBP 1,005.15USD 1,385.99
From ZAR 25465.00AUD 2,300.36CAD 2,127.40EURO 1,476.23GBP 1,249.51USD 1,722.94
From ZAR 25700.00AUD 2,321.59CAD 2,147.03EURO 1,489.86GBP 1,261.04USD 1,738.84
From ZAR 24200.00AUD 2,186.09CAD 2,021.72EURO 1,402.90GBP 1,187.44USD 1,637.35
From EURO 2895.00AUD 4,523.44CAD 4,195.65GBP 2,453.39USD 3,405.88ZAR 57,900.00
From ZAR 32400.00AUD 2,926.83CAD 2,706.77EURO 1,878.26GBP 1,589.79USD 2,192.15
From ZAR 121600.00AUD 10,984.64CAD 10,158.73EURO 7,049.28GBP 5,966.63USD 8,227.33

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