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From ZAR 9410.00AUD 913.59CAD 912.71EURO 627.33GBP 547.09USD 707.52
From ZAR 9295.00AUD 902.43CAD 901.55EURO 619.67GBP 540.41USD 698.87
From ZAR 4850.00AUD 470.87CAD 470.42EURO 323.33GBP 281.98USD 364.66
From ZAR 7495.00AUD 727.67CAD 726.96EURO 499.67GBP 435.76USD 563.53
From ZAR 37950.00AUD 3,684.47CAD 3,680.89EURO 2,530.00GBP 2,206.40USD 2,853.38
From ZAR 7060.00AUD 685.44CAD 684.77EURO 470.67GBP 410.47USD 530.83
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From ZAR 9950.00AUD 966.02CAD 965.08EURO 663.33GBP 578.49USD 748.12
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From ZAR 41710.00AUD 4,049.51CAD 4,045.59EURO 2,780.67GBP 2,425.00USD 3,136.09
From ZAR 13110.00AUD 1,272.82CAD 1,271.58EURO 874.00GBP 762.21USD 985.71
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From ZAR 50700.00AUD 4,922.33CAD 4,917.56EURO 3,380.00GBP 2,947.67USD 3,812.03
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From ZAR 23100.00AUD 2,242.72CAD 2,240.54EURO 1,540.00GBP 1,343.02USD 1,736.84
From ZAR 18250.00AUD 1,771.84CAD 1,770.13EURO 1,216.67GBP 1,061.05USD 1,372.18