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From ZAR 15170.00AUD 1,385.39CAD 1,361.76EURO 935.84GBP 799.68USD 1,046.93
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From ZAR 23100.00AUD 2,109.59CAD 2,073.61EURO 1,425.05GBP 1,217.71USD 1,594.20
From ZAR 7910.00AUD 722.37CAD 710.05EURO 487.97GBP 416.97USD 545.89
From ZAR 5500.00AUD 502.28CAD 493.72EURO 339.30GBP 289.93USD 379.57
From ZAR 18250.00AUD 1,666.67CAD 1,638.24EURO 1,125.85GBP 962.05USD 1,259.49
From ZAR 29190.00AUD 2,665.75CAD 2,620.29EURO 1,800.74GBP 1,538.75USD 2,014.49
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From ZAR 41710.00AUD 3,809.13CAD 3,744.17EURO 2,573.10GBP 2,198.73USD 2,878.54
From ZAR 4850.00AUD 442.92CAD 435.37EURO 299.20GBP 255.67USD 334.71
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From ZAR 24050.00AUD 2,196.35CAD 2,158.89EURO 1,483.65GBP 1,267.79USD 1,659.77
From ZAR 7495.00AUD 684.47CAD 672.80EURO 462.37GBP 395.10USD 517.25
From ZAR 15080.00AUD 1,377.17CAD 1,353.68EURO 930.29GBP 794.94USD 1,040.72
From ZAR 9410.00AUD 859.36CAD 844.70EURO 580.51GBP 496.05USD 649.41