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The Hub of Southern Africa. A vibrant, sprawling city that provides the classic contrasts of Africa. Most international airlines have good deals to land in Johannesburg. This provides us with a convenient starting point for many of our Tours and Safaris.  We offer daily departures on safaris to Kruger Park from Johannesburg. Or if you have more time embark on one of our longer overland adventures ….perhaps a tour to the Okavango Delta and the majestic  Victoria Falls.

Have a spare day before your tour start ?  We offer a range of City tours of Johannesburg that aim to mix culture with History. Tours to Soweto and the Apartheid museum are popular . If you are short on time and want to do a Safari, we offer tours to Pilanesberg from Johannesburg, both one day safaris to Pilanesberg as well as 2 Day overnight Pilanesberg safaris are available. Contact us for options.

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From ZAR 1950.00AUD 176.15CAD 162.91EURO 113.04GBP 95.68USD 131.94
From ZAR 5950.00AUD 537.49CAD 497.08EURO 344.93GBP 291.95USD 402.57
From ZAR 7995.00AUD 722.22CAD 667.92EURO 463.48GBP 392.30USD 540.93
From ZAR 10995.00AUD 993.22CAD 918.55EURO 637.39GBP 539.50USD 743.91
From ZAR 12795.00AUD 1,155.83CAD 1,068.92EURO 741.74GBP 627.82USD 865.70
From ZAR 17700.00AUD 1,598.92CAD 1,478.70EURO 1,026.09GBP 868.50USD 1,197.56
From ZAR 19800.00AUD 1,788.62CAD 1,654.14EURO 1,147.83GBP 971.54USD 1,339.65
From ZAR 14250.00AUD 1,287.26CAD 1,190.48EURO 826.09GBP 699.21USD 964.14
From ZAR 24850.00AUD 2,244.81CAD 2,076.02EURO 1,440.58GBP 1,219.33USD 1,681.33
From ZAR 27020.00AUD 2,440.83CAD 2,257.31EURO 1,566.38GBP 1,325.81USD 1,828.15
From ZAR 25700.00AUD 2,321.59CAD 2,147.03EURO 1,489.86GBP 1,261.04USD 1,738.84
From ZAR 103700.00AUD 9,367.66CAD 8,663.32EURO 6,011.59GBP 5,088.32USD 7,016.24

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