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Detour Africa brings you a carefully selected range of overland adventures, wildlife safaris and travel packages. With over 20 years’ experience in organising African tours and safaris, we bring you the very best of Africa.

Whether it is a day tour, camping overland tour, an exclusive lodge or a Big 5 safari, Detour Africa can help you plan a fantastic travel experience to suit your desires and budget. With a passion for travel and vast knowledge of Africa, Detour Africa will help you organize an unforgettable African experience. Learn more about us.


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Overland Tours

Overland is the most exciting way to travel through Africa. An overland tour offers the opportunity to explore the more remote parts of Africa. Specially adapted vehicles enable one to visit places which are generally inaccessible to normal vehicles.

An overland safari is for the more adventurous traveller, and is very different to your average holiday package. Routes are chosen to give the traveller a fantastic variety of African encounters, from wildlife, culture to spectacular scenery.


Types of Overland Tours

There are a variety of overland tours available, ranging from comfortably accommodated to budget camping. Size of groups can vary, depending on the size of the vehicle, style of tour and the route chosen. Budget camping tours tend to have larger groups, while accommodated trips are generally smaller groups.

A budget camping tour is an opportunity for those looking for a more hands on experience. Accommodation is in two person tents, built for the rugged African terrain and large enough to comfortably handle two campers. Mattresses are provided and sleeping bags are necessary. Camping is for those who are looking for a more participative trip. From erecting your tent, to helping prepare meals to general camp activities. An ideal option for the young at heart.

Accommodated tours are for those looking for all the benefits of an overland tour, only more comfortable. Accommodation is mostly in en suite rooms – and can vary from hotels, lodges, guesthouses and chalets – depending on the location. Participation on tour is limited and there is generally a dedicated cook. These tours appeal to all age groups.


African Safaris

For most travelers visiting Africa – a safari to view and photograph wildlife is a must. Africa is known for its incredible animals, birdlife and flora. Detour Africa offers a range of safaris and tours to experience the African bush, and most tours are in small groups and run in specially adapted vehicles.

Budget camping safaris are for those looking for a safari experience with a difference. Accommodation is generally in two person walk in tents. Some budget safaris have pre erected permanent tents, while others require tents to be erected, and a certain level of participation.

Accommodated safaris are for those looking for more comfort. Accommodation can range from luxury lodges, guesthouses, hotels, luxury to semi luxury permanent tents, to backpackers. Most accommodated lodge safaris are in en suite twin/double rooms. Single travellers and families are catered for.


Private and Tailor-made Safaris

We also offer a range of private and tailor-made safaris for those who are travelling in a group or are looking for something different and more personal. Private groups offer flexibility on accommodation and itineraries and can be structured to suit all budgets.


About Detour Africa

The Gateway to Africa ~ looking for an adventure. We  provided vehicles, guides, information and a range of different tours into the African Mainland.