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Search for a tour in Africa

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Detour Africa brings you a carefully selected range of overland adventures, wildlife safaris and travel packages. With over 20 years’ experience in organising African tours and safaris, we bring you the very best of Africa.

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From ZAR 52400.00AUD 4,109.80CAD 3,716.31EURO 2,532.62GBP 2,385.07USD 2,779.84
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From ZAR 78600.00AUD 6,164.71CAD 5,574.47EURO 3,798.94GBP 3,577.61USD 4,169.76

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From ZAR 41700.00AUD 3,270.59CAD 2,957.45EURO 2,015.47GBP 1,898.04USD 2,212.20
From ZAR 16990.00AUD 1,332.55CAD 1,204.96EURO 821.17GBP 773.33USD 901.33
From ZAR 3050.00AUD 239.22CAD 216.31EURO 147.41GBP 138.83USD 161.80
From ZAR 46300.00AUD 3,631.37CAD 3,283.69EURO 2,237.80GBP 2,107.42USD 2,456.23
From ZAR 58200.00AUD 4,564.71CAD 4,127.66EURO 2,812.95GBP 2,649.07USD 3,087.53
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From ZAR 12200.00AUD 956.86CAD 865.25EURO 589.66GBP 555.30USD 647.21
From USD 2990.00AUD 4,530.30CAD 4,095.89EURO 2,743.12GBP 2,430.89ZAR 59,800.00
From ZAR 29950.00AUD 2,349.02CAD 2,124.11EURO 1,447.56GBP 1,363.22USD 1,588.86
From ZAR 75100.00AUD 5,890.20CAD 5,326.24EURO 3,629.77GBP 3,418.30USD 3,984.08

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The Gateway to Africa ~ looking for an adventure. We  provided vehicles, guides, information and a range of different tours into the African Mainland.