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Namibia – the true land of contrasts.  From the Namib desert to the wildlife of Etosha, Namibia is a popular travel destination.  We offer a range of tours, from 3 Day budget safaris to longer accommodated overland tours. A 3 day budget tour or a comfort 4 Day tour departing from Windhoek will ensure the best of either the Namib desert or the famous Etosha National Park. Those with a little more time can combine both tours and enjoy the highlights of Namibia. Popular longer overland tours allow the traveller to combine the best of Namibia with other highlights of Southen Africa. The longer overland tours visit further attractions – including the Fish River canyon, Bushman experience, Windhoek – and a stop in Swakopmund – the desert adventure capital. Namibia is certainly a popular tour destination.

Selection of tours and safaris

From ZAR 30000.00AUD 2,678.57CAD 2,403.85EURO 1,783.59GBP 1,513.62USD 1,872.66
From ZAR 38850.00AUD 3,468.75CAD 3,112.98EURO 2,309.75GBP 1,960.14USD 2,425.09
From ZAR 41950.00AUD 3,745.54CAD 3,361.38EURO 2,494.05GBP 2,116.55USD 2,618.60
From ZAR 25650.00AUD 2,290.18CAD 2,055.29EURO 1,524.97GBP 1,294.15USD 1,601.12
From ZAR 39950.00AUD 3,566.96CAD 3,201.12EURO 2,375.15GBP 2,015.64USD 2,493.76
From ZAR 61850.00AUD 5,522.32CAD 4,955.93EURO 3,677.17GBP 3,120.59USD 3,860.80
From ZAR 19000.00AUD 1,696.43CAD 1,522.44EURO 1,129.61GBP 958.63USD 1,186.02
From ZAR 35000.00AUD 3,125.00CAD 2,804.49EURO 2,080.86GBP 1,765.89USD 2,184.77
From ZAR 35000.00AUD 3,125.00CAD 2,804.49EURO 2,080.86GBP 1,765.89USD 2,184.77
From ZAR 121600.00AUD 10,857.14CAD 9,743.59EURO 7,229.49GBP 6,135.22USD 7,590.51
From ZAR 112300.00AUD 10,026.79CAD 8,998.40EURO 6,676.58GBP 5,665.99USD 7,009.99
From ZAR 58400.00AUD 5,214.29CAD 4,679.49EURO 3,472.06GBP 2,946.52USD 3,645.44

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