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Serengeti, Tanzania

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From ZAR 32075.00AUD 3,093.06CAD 2,848.58EURO 1,914.93GBP 1,673.19USD 2,202.95
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From ZAR 45255.00AUD 4,364.03CAD 4,019.09EURO 2,701.79GBP 2,360.72USD 3,108.17
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From ZAR 33185.00AUD 3,200.10CAD 2,947.16EURO 1,981.19GBP 1,731.09USD 2,279.19
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From ZAR 64860.00AUD 6,254.58CAD 5,760.21EURO 3,872.24GBP 3,383.41USD 4,454.67
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From ZAR 30550.00AUD 2,946.00CAD 2,713.14EURO 1,823.88GBP 1,593.64USD 2,098.21
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From ZAR 32300.00AUD 3,114.75CAD 2,868.56EURO 1,928.36GBP 1,684.92USD 2,218.41
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From ZAR 28000.00AUD 2,700.10CAD 2,486.68EURO 1,671.64GBP 1,460.62USD 1,923.08
From ZAR 21070.00AUD 2,031.82CAD 1,871.23EURO 1,257.91GBP 1,099.11USD 1,447.12
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From ZAR 46360.00AUD 4,470.59CAD 4,117.23EURO 2,767.76GBP 2,418.36USD 3,184.07

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